Monday, December 6, 2010

where is my home

cut-off from what is without, i feel plugged out
and broken within, nowhere do i fit in
can someone tell me, where my home is ….

on one side of the slate, you wrote lessons of hate
and said it’s my fate, which i really do hate
can someone show me, where my home is ….

blank, the other side, and love, you did confide
as a dove, I, but did not in that reside,
can someone guide me where my home is…

not at home with self, and nor with you, I fear
not at home with the world, that I do not wear,
i know not what gloom lurks at my rear…..

terrible I feel, in anguish I do reel
please, can someone show me, where my home is
can someone fly me where my home is……….

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