Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the glaciers melt down

the glaciers melt down
into crystal glasses
as the sun too takes a dip
in the 'antiquity blue'*
neatly measured and divided in pegs...

yes, it's time to celebrate 'our' struggle
to save our earth
through long long discourses & discussions -

to talk about climate change
and how we suffer because of
these fucking undeveloped & under-developed nations...

'exterminate all the brutes' **
and let us save the world....

fuelling deadly wars for peace -
making more & more deadly weapons
so to use them as 'deterrents' -

fighting the so called terrorists, with all means and ways
and by manufacturing the truth that they have nuclear weapons
so we and our methods are never questioned -

dividing nations into 'rouge and the best'
so we can stand united -

saving our hard-earned wealth in the Swiss bank
so these beggars can never, ever steal away our sweat -

let us teach them about lateral thinking
or else, their common sense
will devour all what we have created
like the tsunami waves -

yes, it's time to baptize these niggers
and bring them into salvation...

the glaciers melt down
into crystal glasses
as the sun is forced to take a dip
in the antiquity blue
neatly measured & divided in pegs
upheld neatly by the blue & black blazers..

* name of a whiskey available in India

** the protagonist in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad writes over 100 pages of report on how to save the tribals, and signs of writing 'exterminate all the brutes'

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