Thursday, December 9, 2010

parallel lines

on the invisible plot of scramble for markets
the seemingly parallel lines of democracy
and religious fundamentalism, merged,
conveniently, with high decibels
of the urgency of a ‘safe nation’…

i remember, i built castles on the sand
and watched merrily as the waves
leveled it, again & again

but you hammered the bloodiest of nails
of nationhood into us,
cemented with lies, lies & lies
that even the strongest of waves of reason
got shattered, along with our dreams
of having a respected identity

division, i learned with numbers
in my age of innocence
but yours sharpened & perfected by the Court
so that you could demolish minarets, then
divide ‘the structure into equal parts’
you could aramse trisul the foetus of a pregnant
woman, just because she was a muslim
could burn alive a missionary
as he seemed to have threatened your territory;
and call for a national debate on conversion…
annihilate the other, as your faith reasons it
and sanctifies it as dharma …

what else i can expect from such dharma
that forced him to take the weapon against
his own brothers & sisters,
least bothering the consequences

and what a shame, you people still pawns
to the abominable war waged by the state
against its own people….

Parallel lines are no more parallel…….


  1. Something to really think about... how should be rectify such policies and act... together we will never because we hate to unite as one nation but yes by starting to change self, we can achieve the change we badly need.... Good thought provoking poem Mr. Agith... (everyone must read this piece to shake self)

  2. thanks johnny, for your nice words.
    unity has to come, respecting the existing difference of colour / caste / religion / or identity..and also providing the space for difference to be as it is - otherwise nation building / unification / domestication has very negative impact on the democratic fabric....