Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i am hungry #

it's just four days
since i had my last meal -
a torn piece of dried chappati
that my daughter unearthed from a
treasure box on a road side bin.

'take a bite',
'it tastes like
honey,' she said -
and danced the dance of Ophelia.

i cursed the moments i taught
her the Russian tales and classics.

in my new abode, under the newly-built flyover
where the gaze of the passer-bys changes colour and intent
when the dusk melts into the neon-darkness
she put on the cloak of madness -
starts to strut, some times strips the cloak...

as i crouch like a beaten snake
she starts to whistle and dance
when the symphony of mosquitoes
are drowned in the roaring slogans
their flesh lighting* the darkness with hope now
for a separate Telengana**
and for a 'united Andra' then....

she spits, spits, and spits
until falls on my lap
like a modern 'Pieta'
only to jump as if pricked by
multiple of Judas, to shout at me...

'you dirty king', 'you stupid Lear'
for your fucking arrogance
for your fucking ignorance
i pay with my sanity'.....

# written sometime back when AP was burning as the struggle for a separate Telengana
lighted with many suicides for the cause.

* the number of students committing suicide for the cause of a separate Telengana
is on the rise. the struggle for a separate Telengana state is over five decades of history.

** the state of Andra Pradesh, in India is burning - one group asking for a separate Telengana state, (which is the need of the hour, may be) and the other asking for a 'united andra'. and they form the back bone of investors...

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