Saturday, December 4, 2010

on love

love drips from my eyes
drop by drop,
as dew from a flowering cherry
when the sunrays slowly un-shell
the snow-shelled cherries
in a winter morning
like i unveil my beloved
eager to bathe in the brown light
of the timid sun on the little mount...

love falls from my body
like the leaves
from a birch in an autumn breeze
making me freeze
in to the loneliness of song-less trees.

love recedes from my heart
like a stream in a summer,
down, down to the abyss of being
as the merciless sun
dewater the dunes further
in a hot hot summer..

but it springs again
from every cell of my being
like the tender shoots
after a spring rain
from the mother earth
making my beloved merry
as the hornbill swallow the raindrops
shattered by the breeze.

and, oh my friend,
you blanket me with love
like the twilight in blushing evening.

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