Thursday, December 2, 2010


once you are on the field
you need to be ruthless
as the objective is to outsmart
and win over your opponent.

but i never understood
why in a relation
the same rules are followed.

- rules of aggression, brutal power
cunningness and calculative approach
where even the body becomes a powerful weapon…

if the objective is a win
then it is no more a relation.

nor the so called ‘sacrifices’
that simply means a sense of lack…
rather, a way of powering your hapless victim….

pity, it is an either….or game

‘you are either with us
or with the rogues’
either a feminist or anti-feminist
either a ‘terrorist’ or an ‘Indian’
either an ‘academic’ or a ‘fool’

i still wonder
why a relation needs to follow the same rules…

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