Friday, November 26, 2010

your eyes told me

your eyes told me
what oceanic depth be
lighter in shades near the shores
as merry laughter from its banks soars.

tell me my friend -
did you drink the night
full, with all its pain,
to spread smiles on the shore in the light
as pain and sorrow, in you rain….

tell me my friend –
from what deep sorrow
that beaming star that your eyes borrow
and from what deep dolor
that you brushed the life with so much colour…

tell me my friend –
what mischievous glee
made that crescent upwards climb, as if to flee
from the shadow of the overlooking bridge, standing still
and slanting into the eye-browed sky, rays of hope did fill….

tell me my friend –
and what gloom made you groom
wings of sorrow to fly over life’s throe
soaring high over, in life so to bloom…..
and your eyes did tell me
what life’s depth be
so in rapt joy, the life-boat, alone, i too may, row…….

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