Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a portrait

once i sketched a Gulmohar in full bloom
standing tall amidst its fallen embers
as an invocation to you, to flare my life.

but all of a sudden, you left me
like the sun, breathing its fragrance
into the clouds.

a seamless portrait is born-

life flowing and moving,
connecting, and changing continuously.

but mind framed it,
life frozen.
as the landscape of memories faded
i was left with just the frames –
monotonous rectangles and squares.

machines invaded my life
bull dozers, loaders, dumpers, cranes, excavators,
crushers, and what not…

suddenly, i smell the portrait once again
and feel it throbs in me
as i watch my son sketching a Gulmohar in full bloom
amidst the green, with crayons, invoking the sun
from behind the mountains...

a seamless portrait is born, again...

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