Monday, November 22, 2010

poetic landscape

The poetic landscape

i hid my woes
like that tiny fish mouths its roes
starves for days,
and finally, spits the young ones
in to the vast ocean, safe and sound.

but i writhe in pain
as on the hook, in vain
as my wounds rebels into a new form
a new being, heavily celled with words,
and knocks on the shell, to get out in the sun.

… a grain of sand
trapped in an oysters heart
transforming into a pearl.

i lay relaxed, like a mother,
half conscious and half-dead, contentedly dreaming.
people on the shore, screaming and shouting
at each find the ocean throws at them.

will some one find the oyster
that my failing heart waved on the shore
and break open its shell
to find the pearl intact?
picks it up, as a kid
gleefully palms it

….his lips suddenly lighting into a crescent
as the cool silver drop
all of a sudden transforming the shore
to a poetic landscape….

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