Monday, January 10, 2011

You, Shakespearean fool*

you made us laugh -
laugh like waves at ease.

but as the laughter receded
we felt your brush
cutting through our flesh
like the untimely church bells
breaking the awful silence…

we felt the terror
we felt the pain
and we heard someone laugh at us

your brush ripped off the masks,
as a reward, they
measured the depth of your body
and left it in the gutter...

you, Shakespearean fool
rest in peace,
for your bold strokes has peeled off the skin
and made them lay bare
with all their sinister nudity
for us to be very cautious
of the saffron robes....

* written in memory of Irfan Hussain, Cartoonist
who was kidnapped, stabbed to death, and thrown into a gutter.

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